Are you a business owner looking for tips on how to create a website for your company? Or are you thinking of doing a complete makeover to attract more customers?

Beware, launching a site for a business should not be taken lightly. It’s your online identity and if your visitors do not like it, they will move on. A more appealing site might be just a click or two away. So, here are some things to consider in order to keep your customers.


Nowadays, not only famous products can be brands. Everything can become a brand if you put some thought and effort into it.

On that note, do you know what attracts the most attention? The company logo. Therefore, if designed properly, it can become a powerful asset in any branding strategy.

However, it is not only the logo that must be top notch. The entire site’s branding must go hand-in-hand with the products and meet your visitors’ expectations.

We know this can be overwhelming, so one option is to hire a digital agency to design an effective solution. Or you can do your own research and design from scratch.

User experience

Having a brand is great but it serves no purpose if your customers get frustrated because they are being redirected to the shopping cart every time they add something to it. Or if, during a search, the enter key is not working and they have to click on the magnifying glass or the search button. These kinds of issues can be very irritating and drive customers away.

Planning the site’s layout is something you can do on your own. Make paper prototypes of the site and have your friends or family test it to see how they interact with it. They might give you conflicting information but you will be able to gather some ideas for your particular product or service. Maybe you can incorporate them into the design.

Right balance of content and images

It has been said over and over that content is king.

Rightfully so. Your site is not only a place where you sell products but also a place that offers information about them as well as a lot of images.

Why use only text if you’re selling something that is visual by nature? Today’s potential buyers like to have as much information as possible. Therefore, a combination of text and images is perfect. A well-written text is very good for SEO, and high-quality images should be placed between blocks of text. A picture might be worth a thousand words but in order for it to be picked up by crawlers, it must have an alt attribute.

So, go for a website design that gives you the flexibility to add both text and other types of content in a balanced manner.

Mobile-friendly site

How much time do you spend visiting other sites on your mobile? Do you get upset if there is no mobile version for something you need or if it’s poorly done?

Guess what, the same will happen to your potential customers if they land on your site and it’s also not designed for mobile devices.

We are not only talking about scaling the images and reducing the font size but discarding a part of the content because no one wants to scroll indefinitely.

Nevertheless, this is something that you need to decide on, as the developer working on your pages does not know your product as well as you do and cannot necessarily discern which parts are important and crucial to your line of business.

Engaging visitors

This is also of great importance.

Plan for your site to have a place where your visitors (and potential customers) can interact with you and make sure it is easy to use and easy to manage. Again, for your visitors to have a good user experience, they shouldn’t have to spend 15 minutes figuring out how to register on your site in order to leave a comment. You can even include social media share buttons so that your customers can promote your content.

Web design is not just about picking nice colors and readable fonts nowadays. It is much more – your site shows who you are and you have to ensure that people who visit it find it easy to use and leave feeling satisfied.