Understanding Search Engine Optimization:
A House in the Desert

House in middle of desert - Analogy Of Search Engine Optimziation comparing scenario

Introduction to SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can often seem like a complex and daunting field. However, understanding SEO is crucial for anyone looking to improve their online presence. To simplify this concept, let’s use the analogy of a house in the middle of a desert.

Your House in the Desert

Imagine you have a beautiful house situated in the middle of a vast desert. The house represents your website. No matter how attractive or valuable your house is, it won’t be of much use if no one can find it. This is where SEO comes in.

Building Roads to Your House

To make your house accessible, you need to build roads leading to it. These roads symbolize various SEO tactics, such as keyword optimization, backlinking, and creating quality content. Each road you build increases the chances of people discovering your house.

Maintaining and Improving Your Roads

Once you’ve built these roads, it’s essential to maintain and improve them. Regularly updating your content, optimizing your site’s speed, and ensuring mobile-friendliness are all part of this maintenance. The better the roads, the more likely people will travel them.


In summary, SEO is like constructing and maintaining roads to a house in the desert. Without these roads, your house remains isolated and undiscovered. By investing time and effort into SEO, you ensure that your website becomes accessible and attracts more visitors. Read Full Article on House In The Desert By Clicking Here.

Our SEO Services: Best Practices, Accessibility, Performance and Search Engine Optimization

Basic Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Accessibility, Performance, Best Practices and Advanced SEO which Includes such things like On-Page SEO, technical SEO and Off-Page SEO.

  • SEO Plugin installed on website.
  • Check on-Page SEO.
  • Use SSL on all pages.
  • Install premium WP Rocket plugin for speed and performance.
  • Set up proper Alt tags on images.
  • Set up Meta Tags (Title and Description) on each page. Concentrate on certain keywords and phrases for those pages separately.
  • Proper headers – H1, H2, H3 and so on each page.
  • Set up security plugins for login security, SSL and spam.
  • Submit pages and sitemap to Google and Bing for indexing.

When we create a new website for our customers, this service is included with all websites since 2024 – Basic Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

online-search-tablet - Basic Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Advanced Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • All Services Above in our Basic Search Engine Optimization
  • Check off-page Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
  • Check responsiveness and check mobile first approach.
  • Complete site audit and backlink audit on website.
  • Check permalink’s structure.
  • Checks on-page SEO for keyword density and proper set up for those keywords and phrases. Keyword research might need to be done to check competition and relevance for your website.
  • Get website to be accessible for all visitors. This is a MUST in 2024. Your website should be accessible top all visitors, even ones with disabilities. More Details Here…
  • Perform best practices set out by search engines like Google. Check broken links, misconfiguration and content. This test also checks for code issues, SSL issues and other best practices.
  • Perform performance checks and fixes. Make sure website performs well: Speed, security and performance. More Details Here…
  • Ask Google to not count bad toxic backlinks. Use Disavow tool with Google to remove toxic backlinks as this could cause issues with your authority and toxic score.
  • Make sure no duplicate content, meta tags, headers and alt tags are done properly.
  • Check image optimization and use proper WebP format type. Convert images and optimize for speed.
  • Check content for high quality and duplicate concerns. Utilize AI when applicable for extra unique content. Quality is much better than quantity here. Content is king as they say, however, it must be unique, informative and of great quality.
  • Talk about and analyze current hosting. 360 Web Firm provides VPS and fast and reliable hosting. This is a MUST for any WordPress website.
  • Add Schema markup to get featured/rich snippets.
  • Use 301 redirection plugin for deleted or missing pages or content such as images that are no longer available.
  • Speak about blog content and how to share on your social media platform to get links back to your website.
  • Re-Submit web pages and sitemap to Google and Bing.

We will provide you with before and after reports on Backlinks, Site Audit and Accessibility, Best Practices and Performance.

360 Web Firm will also provide a strategy for you to continue to help improve your SEO. We will provide you with suggestions to help increase your content, social media exposure, links and backlinks and to try and assist you with fresh content and changes.

SEO, Website performance and accessibility packages

WordPress Basic & Advanced SEO

Up To 5 Pages


Website Monitoring For One Month
Up To 50 Images Optimized & Alt Tags Added

WordPress Basic & Advanced SEO

Up To 10 Pages


Website Monitoring For Two Months
Up To 100 Images Optimized & Alt Tags Added

WordPress Basic & Advanced SEO

Up To 15 Pages


Website Monitoring For Three Months
Up To 150 Images Optimized & Alt Tags Added

Custom Packages Available – Contact Us Today To Inquire

Recent Client With SEO Services Done

To whom it may concern.

I have been working with Steve for a number of years and recently made the mistake of updating my website without consulting him.  My site immediately dropped significantly in google ratings.  I then called Steve and asked for help.  Steve redesigned my site and started work right away on seo, working with me on how to blog etc. He also dealt with my google business account and guided me with my endless questions.  I am happy to say that we are making such great progress on the ranking of my website, I am now getting potential clients contacting me through the website and it looks amazing.

I can’t recommend Steve enough, he is very knowledgable and works extremely hard, it’s like your business is his business.

Thank you Steve


Kim Cameron – Creative Home Decorating

Recent Client With SEO Services Done

I would like to thank Steve for his support and his professional approach to improving my website. My website is now much more user friendly and I look forward to the increased online presence that will result from your efforts. Considering the many hours of work required to complete the project it was completed quickly with minimal downtime to the site. It was a pleasure working with you and I look forward to your continued support of my business.

Frank Murphy

Murphy’s Retreat